Will Jobs

Data scientist with 7+ years of consulting experience who can bridge the communication gap with decision-makers


University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Master of Science in Statistics (3.98 GPA)
Aug. 2019 – May 2021

Certificate in Statistical and Computational Data Science. Coursework included regression, Bayesian statistics, machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), survival analysis, design of experiments, and visualization

Vassar College
Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Minor in Computer Science (3.99 GPA)
Aug. 2006 – May 2010

General Honors, Departmental Honors, Phi Beta Kappa Society. Publications in ACS Omega and Biophysical Journal


Associate Data Scientist ← Data Science Consultant
Jun. 2021 – Present
Data Science Intern
Jun. 2020 – Aug. 2020
  • Trained a propensity model in Python using XGboost (a gradient-boosting library) and used a matching algorithm in R to understand the change in customer profile after the introduction of a new insurance product
  • Developed visualizations in R and Python and presented key findings to stakeholders
  • Led the implementation of a version control strategy on GitHub for a team working on several data-intensive projects
ROI Solutions
Database Developer II ← PL/SQL Developer
Feb. 2018 – Jan. 2020
  • Developed a model in DataRobot to identify likely responders to a client’s direct mail campaign, increasing response rates by over 20%
  • Created visualizations in Python of our model predictions and experiment results, successfully persuading clients to adopt our machine learning offerings over their previous strategies
  • Refactored and created new stored procedures in an Oracle-based CRM database to add functionality, improve performance (often by 2x or more), and improve maintainability
  • Worked with client-facing teams to address issues, identify bugs, and better understand customers’ needs
The Cadmus Group
Associate ← Senior Analyst ← Analyst ← Research Analyst
Aug. 2011 – Feb. 2018
  • Conducted analyses and created visualizations using R, Python, and SQL on datasets related to climate change, hydraulic fracturing, drinking water contaminants, greenhouse gas emissions, and home energy use
  • Created a web application for the Army Corps of Engineers to prioritize assets most vulnerable to climate change
  • Developed database applications in Microsoft Access in support of a variety of EPA programs


Neural Network Dog Breed Classifier | Python, fastai, Streamlit, deep learning
  • Created a user-friendly Streamlit application to classify photos of dogs into one of 150 AKC-recognized breeds
  • Scraped approximately 20,000 images of dogs from the internet for training and scoring
  • Used fastai and transfer learning to fine-tune an ImageNet-based convolutional neural network (CNN), achieving a test set accuracy of 53.8%
Python Wrapper for Regulations.gov API | Python
  • Developed a high-level API to download public comments from Regulations.gov
  • Used Python to greatly simplify the download process by handling the complex pagination scheme, API request limits, and layers of requests needed to access comment data


Languages: Python, R, SAS, SQL, PL/SQL (Oracle), Java, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, VBA

Machine Learning: scikit-learn, PyTorch, fastai, H2O, DataRobot

Visualization: D3.js, ggplot2, Matplotlib, seaborn, Tableau

Other: Excel, Access, Git, Linux, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)